1. Is there a difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law? Illustrate your answer with an examples.


Group #3
01/25/2011 09:57

There are differences between the scientific theory and the scientific law even though they have many similarities. A scientific law something that has been proven true or correct numerous times. A scientifio theory is a guess of belief that something is true but not necessarily correct but some people support it and believe it's true and real while there are others that do not. An example of a scientific theory is the "Big Bang Theory," the "Atomic Theory," the "Cell Theory," etc. An example of scientific law would be "Newton's Three Laws of Motion." Those examples would be a comparrison of scientific law and scientific theory.

Group 1 Gabe
01/25/2011 10:01

A scientific theory is virtually an educated guess based on observations and experiments whereas a scientific law is something that has been proven facts through experiments. For example the big bang is a theory because it is only an educated guess. An example of a scientific law is Newton’s Laws of motion because it has been proven through experimentation.

08/21/2013 22:38

A hypothesis is an educated guess, a theory is not! A theory is the most elevated idea in science with the most facts and evidence to back it up!

Jenna Stevens - Group 2
01/25/2011 10:06

Yes, there is a difference between a scientific theory and a scientific law. A scientific law is true statement that is meant to describe an action. An example of a scientific law would be the law of gravity or Newton’s law of motion. On the other hand, a scientific theory can be several hypotheses that are accepted to be true like the theory of evolution and the atomic theory.

Group #5
01/25/2011 10:11

A scientific theory is a well accepted hypthesis-like inquiry. It has been experimented upon and is valid unless otherwise been proven wrong by other experiments. An example of a theory would be the creation of the world. The Big Bang Theory has been accepted by many scientist around the globe but had yet to be proven as fact. The Chaos Theory is also a popular idea of science. It states that weather predictions can be calculated by a certain machine. It is not a certain calculation, and has flaws, therefore, it is a classified as a theory. A scientific law is defined as factual states that are applicable to every experiment tested. The law of gravity is and always be acceptable.It has been proven time and time again. Another law would be the first law of motion which states that an object in motion stays in motion unless and unbalanced forces acts upon it. The also has been proven and stays factual throughout every instince.

Jessica Hancock- Group 4
01/25/2011 10:16

The definition of a scientific law is a theory that has been tested and is believed to be true. The definition of a scientific theory is an explanation of why and how a specific natural phenomenon occurs such as Darwin's Theory of Evolution.

Kassidy McCann Group 3
01/25/2011 10:25

REPLY TO GROUP 4: The scientific law has been tested over and over and in numerous occaisions, it has been proven to be true. I really dont have anything to disagree with other than the scientific law is virtually true, not just believed to be true. Thats more of what a Scientific theory is, such as the Big Bang Theory.

Rebecca Wootten- Group #1
01/25/2011 10:28

To Group Number Four- I disagree with your definition of the law answer... a law is something that has evidence of bening true.. so no matter what.. its true.. there is no believing or not believing... there is evidence to back up what they say.

Austin Group 2
01/25/2011 14:41

I agree with the comment from Jessica because all scientific laws had to start out as a theory and through experimenting that is how they are proven to be true.

Hannah Wood
01/26/2011 09:14

reply to group four- A scientific law is certain and accepted as the truth by everyone. A scientific theory is an idea to explain what the scientists believe is happening. In the theory of evolution, it is well suppoted but cannot be considered as an explaination.

Group #4 Ana
01/26/2011 09:18

I agree with Jenna from group 2 that there is a difference between scientific theory and scientific law. Scientific law is a form of action being done and scientific theory is not, it’s a hypothesis. Like Newton’s law of motion.

Group 5- Anna
01/26/2011 09:19

I agree with Kassidy about the scientific law not just being believed to be true. The scientific law is true becuase if it wasn't then it would be more like a scientific theory not a scientific law.

Paige Beck-Group 3
01/26/2011 09:20

Group 4, I agree with your definition of what a scientific theory is; something that has been tested repeatedly and is believed to be true however has no concrete evidence. Although I do not fully agree with your statement of what a scientific law is. A scientific law has been proven true and has evidence that it is true. Newton’s laws of gravity have mathematical equations to go along with them as proof of their reliability.

Emily group 1
01/26/2011 09:23

I agree with Jenna that scientific theory and law are both very different. A law is something that has to be proven through experiments. A theory is something that someone believes to be true and is a collection of hypothesis. An example of a law is the law of gravity. An example of a theory is the Big Bang theory because some certain people have reasons to believe this is true but can not prove it for sure.

Group 5 Anna Martin
01/26/2011 09:28

I also agree with Kassidy about how the scientific law is not just believed to be true. A scientific law is true because if it wasn't then it would be more like a scientific theory than a law.

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